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Do you know how to unlock the healing power within your body? 
You can and I can help you!

Your health matters, your life matters and wellness is available to you now.

When my sister completed her second surgery due to breast cancer, she found a wonderful woman who introduced her and eventually me, to new ways of promoting healing in our bodies and brains.  Once I completed my own round of healing services with her, I became obsessed with learning all that I could to unlock the natural healing powers within our bodies and brains.  My mission is to share all that is available to us that promotes healing and wellness.


Sand to Sol Wellness is focused on Functional Nutrition Counseling and other services that support our brain and body to heal and improve function.  Our goal is to give as many individuals a chance to feel their best as we can.  Our health and wellness is in our hands!  

There is a space for us to work together to achieve your wellness goals and get improvement from the symptoms that are reducing the joy in your life.  I believe that we can see changes and improvements using an integrative approach and look forward to guiding you along your journey.  

Sandra Ewing, Chief Purpose Officer
CFNC in training

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